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Boek: Rachaeldaisy - 'WHIZZ BANG!'

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  • Boek: Rachaeldaisy - "WHIZZ BANG!"
  • Uitgever: Quiltmania
  • Pagina's: 261 (full color)
  • 15 projecten + 10 bloks patronen en beschrijvingen.
  • Taal: Frans & Engels
  • Prijs: 34,00

Het geweldige eerste boek van Rachaeldaisy met 15 fantastische en kleurrijke projecten met onder andere prachtig vouwwerk.
In dit boek treft u Engelse en Franstalige beschrijvingen, patronen en praktische tips, voorzien van veel mooie foto's.

"Ever since Rachaeldaisy won the “Best in Show” at Sydney with her Whizz Bang quilt, nothing has been the same ever since!

Now an international star, Rachaeldaisy teaches workshops and exhibits her fantastical quilts composed of never before seen, folded fabric blocks. Rachaeldaisy designs colorful and whimsical circles made of Prairie Points using all types of fabrics – from silk, taffeta, silk organza, recycled shirts, hankies, and linen – and then embellishes them with doilies, yo-yo’s, rickrack, buttons …. you name it!

The result is an explosion of trendy and Bohemian quilts never seen before.

Quiltmania is proud to publish Rachaeldaisy’s first book, a complete guide to her adventures, full of in-depth tips and step by steps illustrated with 15 sumptuous quilts that will make your head spin!

« I love making these blocks! Besides the beautiful, mesmerizing results it’s the joy of the journey as well. I encourage you to be adventurous and have fun experimenting with your blocks to make them different from each other. » – Rachaeldaisy

Learn more about Rachaeldaisy:

Rachaeldaisy’s love of textile and colors comes from her upbringing in a household of artists. She grew up in home painted in bright colors and decorated with bright abstract paintings, Sri Lankan batiks, Japanese scrolls. Mantelpieces and shelves showcased contemporary ceramics. Coffee tables were piled high with art books and windows framed with big print Marimekko curtains.

From her grandmother, Rachael learned her 3 favorite things – cooking, gardening and sewing.
As a teenager, she scoured thrift stores to create her own style, learning about fabrics by delving into seams, linings and hems. Then, as a young adult, she found her calling and worked as a florist for many years.

Rachaeldaisy discovered quilting in the early 2000’s when she moved to Sydney and immediately fell in love.

Her quilting is very much a continuation of a creative life journey and today Rachaeldaisy applies many of the creative processes and design elements she learned through her work with flowers to quilting.

Her quilts radiate with the same immense color palette and bursting energy of Nature!"

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