100 m (110 yds) Art. 9843
100 % Polyester Foil

Spectra is a holographic reflective yarn made from a fine special holographic foil, which imparts a stunning sparkle to every embroidery or piece of handicraft.  The holographic foil finish of Spectra reflects light from all around casting a spell over everyone viewing your work and your designs will shimmer like jewels.
Decorative stitching by hand or machine and crafts will glitter like precious gems and in combination with other threads by MADEIRA like Mouliné, Silk or Decora, embroidery with Spectra becomes a unique creation.

Spectra runs smoothly on all home sewing and embroidery machines when the sewing speed and tension are reduced slightly and the stitches are long and even.

For best results we recommend the use of the MADEIRA metallic embroidery needle #90/14 and the fine MADEIRA underthread Bobbinfil No.70.

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