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Zipper Tape by Pam Damour - 2½ yard - Metallic ROSE GOLD

€ 13,95 (inclusief btw)
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  • Zipper tape By Pam Damour
  • Nylon rits met metallic look
  • Lengte: 2½ yard (2,25 meter)
  • Kleuren: Zipper tape: Zwart - Rits: Rose Gold - Sliders: Rose Gold
  • Met schaar op iedere gewenste lengte te knippen.
  • Overnaaibare rits, die tweezijdig te openen is.
  • Inclusief 7 metalen Sliders (Rose Gold)
  • Een heerlijk opvallende Bling-Bling rits.

"This #5 black zipper tape has been used by the decorating industry for over 30 years. Now the hottest thing in bag construction, this zipper can be cut to any length, be used in either direction, and therefore can be made into a two way zipper too!
This 2½ yard package black zipper tape with 7 slides has rose gold nylon teeth, and the beauty of metal, with the ease of a coil that can be sewn through and cut through with out harming your scissors."

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